mos tool reference

Using --port option

mos tool connects to the device specified by --port flag, which is set to auto by default. That means, mos auto-detects the serial port for the device. You can specify this value manually. It could be a serial device, e.g. --port COM3 on Windows or --port /dev/ttyUSB0 on Linux.

It is possible to set --port value to be a network endpoint instead of serial port. Device listens for commands on serial, Websocket, and MQTT transports (unless they are disabled). Therefore, --port ws://IP_ADDR/rpc connects to the remote device via Websocket, and --port mqtt://MQTT_SERVER/DEVICE_ID/rpc via the MQTT protocol. That gives an ability to use mos tool as a remote device management tool.

Using environment variables to set default option values

The default values for any mos flag could be overridden via the environment variable MOS_FLAGNAME. For example, to set the default value for --port flag, export MOS_PORT variable - on Mac/Linux, put that into your ~/.profile:

export MOS_PORT=YOUR_SERIAL_PORT  # E.g. /dev/ttyUSB0

Boards wiring

In some cases, for example if you're using a bare-bones ESP8266 module instead of a development board, you need to perform extra steps to switch the module between flashing and firmware boot state. This table provides a summary:

Platform Wiring Notes
bare bones ESP8266 flash via UART: GPIO15 LOW, GPIO0 LOW, GPIO2 HIGH
boot from flash: GPIO15 LOW, GPIO0 HIGH, GPIO2 HIGH
boot from SD: GPIO15 HIGH
bare bones ESP32 flash via UART: GPIO0 LOW
boot from flash: GPIO0 HIGH
CC3200 launchpad connect J8 to SOP2 (see guide)


The mos tool could be self-updated via the Web UI or via the console command mos update. The mos tool version also influences the firmware build: the libraries that are used during the build correspond to the mos version. There are 3 ways you can stay updated:

  • Pin to a specific version, e.g. mos update 1.18. This is the most stable approach, as nothing gets changed in this case
  • Pin to the "release" channel, mos update release. This is the default. Released are created once in 1-2 weeks
  • Pin to the "latest" channel, mos update latest. Get the most latest updates, but experience breakages sometimes
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