Debug over BLE GATT

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This library provides various debug functions over Generic Attribute Service (GATT) Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) service.

The service is designed to be usable with any generic BLE mobile app that supports GATT, e.g. BLE Scanner (Android, iOS).

Note: Default BT configuration is permissive. See for a better idea.

Attribute description

The service UUID is 5f6d4f53-5f44-4247-5f53-56435f49445f, which is a representation of a 16-byte string _mOS_DBG_SVC_ID_.

At present, only one characteristic is defined:

  • 306d4f53-5f44-4247-5f6c-6f675f5f5f30 (0mOS_DBG_log___0) - a read/notify attribute that returns last debug log record when read. It also sends notifications with log messages as they are printed.
    • Note: Reading large messages is supported, but for notificatiosn to be useful you will most likely want to set higher MTU.

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