RPC loopback

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mongoose-os-libs/rpc-loopback mg_rpc_channel_loopback.h    

This RPC service provides a way to call local RPC services - i.e. those running on the device itself.

Example usage in C/C++:

#include "mg_rpc_channel_loopback.h"
struct mg_rpc_call_opts opts = {.dst = mg_mk_str(MGOS_RPC_LOOPBACK_ADDR) };
mg_rpc_callf(mgos_rpc_get_global(), mg_mk_str("My.Func"), NULL, NULL, &opts,
              "{param1: %Q, param2: %d}", "jaja", 1234);

Example usage in JavaScript:

RPC.call(RPC.LOCAL, 'Config.Save', {reboot: true}, function (resp, ud) {
  print('Response:', JSON.stringify(resp));
}, null);


struct mg_rpc_channel *mg_rpc_channel_loopback(void);

Creates a new loopback channel. Should be called for each incoming loopback request; nc is an incoming connection.

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