Samsung Artik Cloud

In order to use Samsung Artik Cloud service, a "Generic MQTT server" library is required. The sequence of steps to onboard with Artik Cloud is outlined below.


  • ESP8266 NodeMCU or ESP32 development boards
  • Samsung Artik Cloud account

Onboarding sequence

Install Mongoose OS

Run mos tool, install Mongoose OS and set up WiFi

Login to Artik Cloud and create a device with type DHT11

Generate device token

Click on the device, generate device token

Configure device

Open device configuration in the Web UI, click on Expert View, and set the following fields (use your specific device ID and token):

  • mqtt.enable=true
  • mqtt.user=YOUR_DEVICE_ID
  • mqtt.pass=YOUR_DEVICE_TOKEN
  • mqtt.ssl_ca_cert=ca.pem

Make device report data

Open Device Files tab, click on init.js file. Paste this code that sends fake temperature/humidity data to the cloud:


let sdid = Cfg.get('mqtt.user');
let topic = '/v1.1/messages/' + sdid;

Timer.set(1000, true, function() {
  let data = {temperature:24, humidity:Sys.free_ram()};
  let ok =, JSON.stringify(data), 1);
  print('Published', ok, JSON.stringify(data));
}, null);

Click 'Save + Reboot' button

Graph reported data

Click on CHARTS tab in Artik Cloud console. Add graph for DHT11 device, humidity - in reality, that reports free RAM.


The process above shows how to use Samsung Artik Cloud to authorise devices and report data via MQTT.

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