Mongoose network lib

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mongoose-os-libs/mongoose mgos_mongoose.h    

See here.

This file contains wrappers around low-level Mongoose Library calls.

See for the detailed explanation.


struct mg_mgr *mgos_get_mgr(void);

Return global event manager


int mongoose_poll(int ms);

If there are active connections, calls mg_mgr_poll on global event manager. Also calls all registered on-poll callbacks (see mgos_add_poll_cb() and friends). Also feeds watchdog if that feature is enabled (see mgos_wdt_set_feed_on_poll()). Also reports min free heap size if that feature is enabled (see mgos_set_enable_min_heap_free_reporting())


typedef void (*mgos_poll_cb_t)(void *cb_arg);

On-poll callback; cb_arg is an arbitrary pointer given to mgos_add_poll_cb()


void mgos_add_poll_cb(mgos_poll_cb_t cb, void *cb_arg);

Add an on-poll callback with an arbitrary argument, see mongoose_poll().


void mgos_remove_poll_cb(mgos_poll_cb_t cb, void *cb_arg);

Remove an on-poll callback, see mongoose_poll().


void mgos_wdt_set_feed_on_poll(bool enable);

Set whether wdt should be fed on each call to mongoose_poll().


void mgos_set_enable_min_heap_free_reporting(bool enable);

Set whether min free heap size should be reported on each call to mongoose_poll().

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