What type of license do you need?

Mongoose OS is open source and dual-licensed under:

GPLv2 license:

As long as you are complying with GPLv2 license rules and restrictions you can use Mongoose OS under this licence for prototyping, noncommercial and commercial projects free of charge. In general it requires you to open the end product’s source code to the public under the same license. Please seek an independent legal advice on the GPLv2 restrictions compliance.

Commercial License:

If your end device or application is commercial and you want to remove GPLv2 restrictions, you can purchase a Commercial license. Keep reading to find out more about commercial licensing.

Mongoose OS Commercial License Benefits

The right to develop and modify the software to embed in your own commercial products without GPLv2 restrictions.
Ability to redistribute your products with Mongoose OS included.
Option to access Commercial Technical Support, Integration and Consultancy services.
Option to access Software Maintenance for updates and upgrades.
Our license model is simple and includes access to source code and accompanying documentation. If your needs require a custom license, we’d be happy to work on a solution with you.

Commercial License Options

Our license model is built around our customers and their specific needs. It is divided into 2 options:

Royalty based license:
Fixed price per sold unit, broken by the quantity ranges (the price per unit does depend on the volumes). Future Mongoose OS releases are covered, permanently.
Fixed Fee per Design Type per year license:
Fixed fee per year per Hardware Design Type license is provided to Enterprise customers. Future Mongoose OS releases are covered for the time of subscription.

Non Compliance and License Incompatibilities

Integrating Mongoose OS in a commercial product without fully releasing your source code or purchasing a commercial license can have legal ramifications. You agree to the GPLv2 terms as you integrate our source code.

Incompatibilities, through taking different components of different sources and ignoring any license restrictions, can result in the software pieces you choose not to be permitted to be used in a single product.