Mongoose OS Licensing

Mongoose OS is open source and comes in two editions: Community and Enterprise. The differences are outlined in a table below:

Community Edition Enterprise Edition
License Apache 2.0 Commercial
Allows to close end-product source code Yes Yes
Source code & functionality Limited Full
Price Free Paid (see below)
Access to Commercial Support & Consultancy No Yes

Commercial License Benefits

Commercial License Options

Our license model is built around our customers and their specific needs. It is divided into two options:

Royalty based
Fixed price per sold unit, broken by the quantity ranges. Future Mongoose OS releases are covered permanently.
Price per unit depends on the volumes:
  • One-time $0.50 per unit, for the batch of 1,000 units.
  • Lower price per unit, for the higher volumes.
Fixed Fee per Product
Fixed fee per Product license is provided to Enterprise customers.
Price: Bespoke. Contact us.

Our Commercial License model is simple and includes full access to the source code and accompanying documentation. If your needs require a custom license, we’d be happy to work on a solution with you.

Non Compliance and License Incompatibilities

Incompatibilities, through taking different components of different sources and ignoring any license restrictions, can result in the software pieces you choose not to be permitted to be used in a single product.