Mongoose OS - IoT Firmware Development Framework

Microcontrollers: STM32F4, STM32F7, ESP32, ESP8266, CC3220, CC3200

Powers commercial connected products since 2013

Trusted, field tested, proven performance


over 100 commercial products
over 150,000 devices in the field
over 1,500 GitHub stars

Advanced features

Reliable Over-The-Air update
Secure device provisioning
Remote management

Cloud integrations

AWS IoT, Google IoT
Microsoft Azure, IBM Watson
Private MQTT / REST backends

Support Services

Consultancy and support
Custom software and hardware development

Our Partners

Google IoT Core

Google IoT Core recommends Mongoose OS ESP32 Kit


What Our Customers Say

Our experience with Mongoose OS has been great! It’s an excellent platform for quick and efficient embedded development, and we were able to start our firmware design within minutes of the arrival of our ESP-32 development kit. The workflow environment is simple and very effective; hardly any setup and configuration is required. The embedded tool set is complete - from prototype development to field upgrade to third party integration– it’s all here. Everything has been thought of.
We chose Mongoose OS because it is the most appropriate software platform for Espressif's ESP8266 and AWS IoT. It is very impressive to have all the necessary elements for development through the MOS tool. If we developed the same software with Espressif's SDK or Arduino, it would have taken a very long time.
Mongoose OS is available for many microcontrollers, easy to use, provides tight integration with the principal cloud services providers. It has enabled us to have a fast time to market, easy cloud integration and at the same time to have a secure and reliable product.
You have done good work. Getting Mongoose OS running on ESP took like minutes not hours: I literally recall handing ESP to our developer, fetching cup of coffee, coming back and he had a first demo running.
We have brought devices from zero to a working Firmware in a couple of days. That wouldn't be possible without Mongoose OS.
We looked for a sustainable IoT solution that would allow us to grow and expand upon. There simply wasn’t a solution until we found Mongoose OS. It has all the necessary functionality for right now and future expansion.
We needed a partner that would respect the difficulties in developing hardware while providing high level software development - Mongoose OS is a rare find.