Pre-built, open source IoT solutions

focus on your device hardware
adapt a working and tested solution: firmware, backend, and mobile app

Step 1

1. Build your microcontroller-based device

Step 2

2. Choose a prebuilt solution that suits you

Step 3

3. Customise a solution yourself, or we can do it for you

Step 4

4. Launch

Solution 1: Controllable IoT product

A full, functional IoT product built with Mongoose OS which can be used as a reference for creating similar smart products. A project implements a smart light. For the hardware, we use a development board with an LED, which serves as a light. The devboard can be "shipped" to a customer. A customer provisions it using a mobile app. You, as a vendor, have full control over all "shipped" products, including device dashboard with remote firmware updates, remote management and usage statistics.
open source under the Apache 2.0 license
firmware, backend, mobile app
works on STM32 L4/F4/F7, CC3220, ESP32, ESP8266

Solution 2: Condition monitoring

instrument a building with sensors

get statistics and alerts

coming soon ...