CCM (cloud communication module) enabling voice control for devices

Dublin, December 10th, 2018 — Cesanta announces CCM to enable voice control for devices. CCM (cloud communication module) is a technology that enables any electronic device (with »

Mongoose OS releases Progressive Web App for managing devices over BLE

Mongoose OS team has released a PWA (Progressive Web APP) For managing devices over BLE. URL: The functionality includes configuring WiFi, and »

Mongoose OS receives a 'Ready for IBM Watson IoT' certification

Dublin, December 4th, 2018 — Mongoose OS is now 'Ready for IBM Watson IoT' certified. Mongoose OS is an IoT Firmware Development Framework. It makes IoT development »

CCM - Cloud Communication Module

Cesanta is proud to announce a Cloud Communication Module (CCM) - a hardware module for connecting any host microcontroller to the Internet. CCM works with any »

Mongoose OS IDE 0.5.4. released

The new version provides code completion support for the C/C++ and JS API: That makes it easy to develop for Mongoose OS, since gives a »

Mongoose OS IDE 0.5.2 released

Mongoose OS provides Visual Studio Code plugin - see The new version provides some usability enhancements. The planned feature - Mongoose »

Mongoose OS 2.8.0 released

We are proud to announce Mongoose OS release 2.8.0. New features Add mgosgpiosetup_{input,output} ( https://github. »