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This library implements integration of Mongoose OS with AWS IoT.

See tutorial at

AWS GreenGrass API.

There is not much here, because GreenGrass support is almost transparent. Enable GG in the configuration aws.greengrass.enable=true and magically the global MQTT connection goes to GG instead of AWS IoT. GG core bootstrapping is done transparently by the library.


void aws_gg_net_ready(int ev, void *evd, void *arg);

Network configuration hook handler for the AWS GreenGrass.


void aws_gg_reconnect(void);

Reconnect to GreenGrass.




Return value: true if AWS connection is up, false otherwise.


AWS.Shadow.setStateHandler(callback, userdata)

Set AWS shadow state handler callback.

When AWS shadow state changes, the callback is called with the following arguments: (userdata, event, reported, desired, reported_metadata, desired_metadata), where userdata is the userdata given to setStateHandler, event is one of the following: AWS.Shadow.CONNECTED, AWS.Shadow.GET_ACCEPTED, AWS.Shadow.GET_REJECTED, AWS.Shadow.UPDATE_ACCEPTED, AWS.Shadow.UPDATE_REJECTED, AWS.Shadow.UPDATE_DELTA. reported is previously reported state object (if any), and desired is the desired state (if present).


let state = { on: false, counter: 0 };  // device state: shadow metadata

// Upon startup, report current actual state, "reported"
// When cloud sends us a command to update state ("desired"), do it
AWS.Shadow.setStateHandler(function(data, event, reported, desired, reported_metadata, desired_metadata) {
  if (event === AWS.Shadow.CONNECTED) {
    AWS.Shadow.update(0, state);  // Report device state
  } else if (event === AWS.Shadow.UPDATE_DELTA) {
    for (let key in state) {
      if (desired[key] !== undefined) state[key] = desired[key];
    AWS.Shadow.update(0, state);  // Report device state
  print(JSON.stringify(reported), JSON.stringify(desired));
}, null);



Request shadow state. The event handler (see AWS.Shadow.setStateHandler()) will receive a GET_ACCEPTED event. Returns true in case of success, false otherwise.



Return last shadow state version (a number).


AWS.Shadow.update(version, state);

Update AWS shadow state.

State should be an object with "reported" and/or "desired" keys.

Response will arrive via UPDATE_ACCEPTED or UPDATE_REJECTED events. If you want the update to be aplied only if a particular version is current, specify the version. Otherwise set it to 0 to apply to any version.


// On a button press, update press counter via the shadow
let buttonPin = 0;
GPIO.set_button_handler(buttonPin, GPIO.PULL_UP, GPIO.INT_EDGE_NEG, 200, function() {
  AWS.Shadow.update(0, {desired: {on: state.on, counter: state.counter + 1}});
}, null);
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