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This service provides an ability to manage OTA on devices remotely. It is possible to call this service programmatically via serial, HTTP/RESTful, Websocket, MQTT or other transports (see RPC section) or via the mos tool.

See in-depth description of our OTA mechanism at Updating firmware reliably -

See OTA video tutorial:

Below is a list of exported RPC methods and arguments:


Trigger OTA firmware update. Arguments:

  "url": "", // Required. URL to the new firmware.
  "commit_timeout": "300"             // Optional. Time frame in seconds to do
                                      // OTA.Commit after reboot. If commit is
                                      // not done during the timeout, OTA rolls back.

A new firmware gets downloaded to the separate flash partition, and is marked dirty. When the download is complete, device is rebooted. After reboot, a firmware partition could become committed by calling OTA.Commit - in which case, it is marked as "good". Otherwise, a device reboots back into the old firmware after the commit_timeout seconds. Example usage:

mos call OTA.Update '{"url": "", "commit_timeout": 300}'


Commit current firmware. Arguments: none.

Example usage:

mos call OTA.Commit


Rolls back to the previous firmware. Arguments: none.

Example usage:

mos call OTA.Revert


Create new firmware patition with the copy of currently running firmware. Arguments:

  // Optional. If true, then current firmware is uncommited, and needs to
  // be explicitly commited after the first reboot. Otherwise, it'll reboot
  // into the created snapshot. This option is useful if a dangerous, risky
  // live update is to be done on the living device. Then, if the update
  // fails and device bricks, it'll revert to the created good snapshot.
  "set_as_revert": false,
  // Optional. Same meaning as for OTA.Update
  "commit_timeout": "300"

Example usage:

mos call OTA.CreateSnapshot


Get current boot state. Arguments: none.

Example usage:

mos call OTA.GetBootState
  "active_slot": 0,       # Currently active flash partition.
  "is_committed": true,   # Current firmware is marked as "good" (committed).
  "revert_slot": 0,       # If uncommitted, slot to roll back to.
  "commit_timeout": 0     # Commit timeout.


Get current boot state. Arguments: see OTA.GetBootState reply section.

Example usage:

mos call OTA.SetBootState '{"revert_slot": 1}'


bool mgos_rpc_service_ota_init(void);
void mgos_updater_rpc_finish(int error_code, int64_t id,
                             const struct mg_str src);


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