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mongoose-os-libs/adc mgos_adc.h   api_adc.js

This library implements a analog-to-digital conversion for Mongoose OS.


bool mgos_adc_enable(int pin);

Configure and enable ADC


int mgos_adc_read(int pin);

Read from the analog pin. Returns raw value.


int mgos_adc_read_voltage(int pin);

Read from the specified analog pin. Returns voltage on the pin, in mV.




Configure and enable ADC for a pin, return 1 if success, 0 otherwise.

Read pin analog value, return an integer.

Note for ESP8266 platform: with this function, you can also measure the power voltage of VDD33 pin 3 and 4. Then: 1) TOUT pin has to be floating in the circuit (not connected to anything); 2) In mos.yaml must be set this feature: build_vars: MGOS_ADC_MODE_VDD: 1 3) The return value may be different in different Wi-Fi modes, for example, in Modem-sleep mode or in normal Wi-Fi working mode. Return value: Power voltage of VDD33; unit: 1/1024 V.

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