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This library provides common WiFi API.


A library adds a wifi configuration entry with two sub-entries: wifi.ap which contains configuration settings for the Access Point mode, and wifi.sta* for the Station mode.

Station configuration

"wifi": {
  "sta": {
    "enable": true,         // Enable Station mode
    "ssid": "",             // WiFi network name
    "pass": "",             // Password
    "user": "",             // Username for WPA-PEAP mode
    "anon_identity": "",    // Anonymous identity for WPA mode
    "cert": "",             // Client certificate for WPA-TTLS mode
    "key": "",              // Client key for WPA-TTLS mode
    "ca_cert": "",          // CA certificate for WPA-enterprise mode
    "ip": "",               // Static IP Address
    "netmask": "",          // Static Netmask
    "gw": "",               // Static Default Gateway
    "nameserver": "",       // DNS Server
    "dhcp_hostname": ""     // Host name to include in DHCP requests
  "sta1": {
  "sta2": {
  "sta_cfg_idx": 0,           // Station config index to start connecting with, 0, 1 or 2.
  "sta_connect_timeout": 30   // Timeout for connection, seconds.

Multiple Station Configurations

Station configurations will be tried starting from sta_cfg_idx and each one that is enabled will be given sta_connect_timeout seconds to connect. Successfully connected station's index will be saved in sta_cfg_idx so next boot will start with previously used configuration.

Setting sta_connect_timeout to 0 disables this logic.

Access Point configuration

"wifi": {
  "ap": {
    "enable": true,               // Enable Access Point mode
    "ssid": "Mongoose_??????",    // SSID to use. ?? symbols are substituted by MAC address
    "pass": "Mongoose",           // Password
    "hidden": false,              // Hide WiFi network
    "channel": 6,                 // WiFi channel
    "max_connections": 10,        // Maximum number of connections
    "ip": "",          // Static IP Address
    "netmask": "",   // Static Netmask
    "gw": "",          // Static Default Gateway
    "dhcp_start": "",  // DHCP Start Address
    "dhcp_end": "",  // DHCP End Address
    "trigger_on_gpio": -1         // Trigger AP on low GPIO


bool mgos_wifi_setup_sta(const struct mgos_config_wifi_sta *cfg);

Setup wifi station; struct mgos_config_wifi_sta looks as follows:

struct mgos_config_wifi_sta {
  int enable;
  char *ssid;
  char *pass;
  char *user;
  char *anon_identity;
  char *cert;
  char *key;
  char *ca_cert;
  char *ip;
  char *netmask;
  char *gw;
  char *nameserver;
  char *dhcp_hostname;

If cfg->enable is true, also calls mgos_wifi_connect().


bool mgos_wifi_setup_ap(const struct mgos_config_wifi_ap *cfg);

Setup wifi access point; struct mgos_config_wifi_ap looks as follows:

struct mgos_config_wifi_ap {
  int enable;
  char *ssid;
  char *pass;
  int hidden;
  int channel;
  int max_connections;
  char *ip;
  char *netmask;
  char *gw;
  char *dhcp_start;
  char *dhcp_end;
  int trigger_on_gpio;
  int disable_after;
  int keep_enabled;


bool mgos_wifi_setup(struct mgos_config_wifi *cfg);

Setup both wifi station and access point at once; struct mgos_config_wifi looks as follows:

struct mgos_config_wifi {
  struct mgos_config_wifi_sta sta; // See definition above
  struct mgos_config_wifi_ap ap;   // See definition above


bool mgos_wifi_connect(void);

Connect to the previously setup wifi station (with mgos_wifi_setup_sta()).


bool mgos_wifi_disconnect(void);

Disconnect from wifi station.


bool mgos_wifi_validate_ap_cfg(const struct mgos_config_wifi_ap *cfg,
                               char **msg);

Check whether the wifi access point config cfg is valid; if it is, true is returned; otherwise false is returned and error message is written to *msg. The caller should free *msg.


bool mgos_wifi_validate_sta_cfg(const struct mgos_config_wifi_sta *cfg,
                                char **msg);

Check whether the wifi station config cfg is valid; if it is, true is returned; otherwise false is returned and error message is written to *msg. The caller should free *msg.


enum mgos_wifi_status mgos_wifi_get_status(void);

Get wifi status, see enum mgos_wifi_status.


char *mgos_wifi_get_status_str(void);

Return wifi status string; the caller should free it.


char *mgos_wifi_get_connected_ssid(void);

Return wifi ssid the device is currently connected to (if any); the caller should free it. If the device is not connected to any wifi network, NULL is returned.


char *mgos_wifi_get_sta_default_dns(void);

Return default DNS server IP address. The caller should free it.


int mgos_wifi_sta_get_rssi(void);

Returns RSSI of the station if connected to an AP, otherwise 0. Note: RSSI is a negative number.


typedef void (*mgos_wifi_scan_cb_t)(int num_res,
                                    struct mgos_wifi_scan_result *res,
                                    void *arg);

Callback prototype for mgos_wifi_scan(), called when wifi scan is done. num_res is a number of networks found, res is a pointer to the first one. arg is an arbitrary pointer given to mgos_wifi_scan().

See mgos_wifi_scan() for more details.


void mgos_wifi_scan(mgos_wifi_scan_cb_t cb, void *arg);

Scan available wifi networks; when the scan is done, the provided callback cb will be called with list of SSIDs or NULL on error.

Each particular scan result isn't guaranteed to be exhaustive; a few scans might be necessary to get all networks around.

Caller owns SSIDS, they are not freed by the callee.

A note for implementations: invoking inline is ok.


void mgos_wifi_deinit(void);

Deinitialize wifi.


void mgos_wifi_scan_js(struct mjs *mjs);

Internal: implementation of mJS Wifi.scan(); available if only MGOS_HAVE_MJS is 1.




Scan WiFi networks, call cb when done. cb accepts a single argument results, which is either undefined in case of error, or an array of object containing:

  "ssid": "NetworkName",
  "bssid": "12:34:56:78:90:ab",
  "authMode": Wifi.AUTH_MODE_WPA_PSK, // Auth mode, one of AUTH constants.
  "channel": 11,
  "rssi": -70


Wifi.scan(function(results) {

Must be kept in sync with enum mgos_wifi_auth_mode

Auth modes

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