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mongoose-os-libs/arduino-spi SPI.h    

This library provides an Arduino compatibility layer for SPI by providing an SPI.h public header, so that one could pick an existing Arduino program which uses SPI, throw it into the Mongoose OS application sources, and ideally, it "just works".


void begin();
  void end();

Arduino interface


void setBitOrder(uint8_t bitOrder);
  void setDataMode(uint8_t dataMode);
  void setFrequency(uint32_t freq);
  // void setClockDivider(uint32_t clockDiv);

void setHwCs(bool use);


void write(uint8_t data);
  void write16(uint16_t data);
  void write32(uint32_t data);
  void writeBytes(const uint8_t *data, uint32_t size);

void transferBits(uint32_t data, uint32_t * out, uint8_t bits);

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