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mongoose-os-libs/onewire mgos_onewire.h    

This library provides support for 1-wire protocol for Mongoose OS.


uint8_t mgos_onewire_crc8(const uint8_t *rom, int len);

Calculate CRC8 of the given chunk of memory.


struct mgos_onewire *mgos_onewire_create(int pin);

Create onewire instance on a given pin.


bool mgos_onewire_reset(struct mgos_onewire *ow);

Reset onewire bus. Usually this is needed before communicating with any device.


void mgos_onewire_target_setup(struct mgos_onewire *ow,
                               const uint8_t family_code);
 * Search for the next device. The given `rom` should point to a chunk of at
 * least 8 bytes; result will be written there. `mode` is as follows:
 * 0 - normal search, 1 - conditional search.
bool mgos_onewire_next(struct mgos_onewire *ow, uint8_t *rom, int mode);

Setup the search to find the device type 'family_code' on the next call mgos_onewire_next() if it is present Note if no devices of the desired family are currently on the 1-Wire, then another type will be found.


void mgos_onewire_select(struct mgos_onewire *ow, const uint8_t *rom);

Select a device based on is address rom, which is a 8-byte string. After a reset, this is needed to choose which device you will use, and then all communication will be with that device, until another reset.


void mgos_onewire_skip(struct mgos_onewire *ow);

Skip the device selection. This only works if you have a single device, but you can avoid searching and use this to immediately access your device.


void mgos_onewire_search_clean(struct mgos_onewire *ow);

Reset a search. Next use of mgos_onewire_next will begin at the first device.


bool mgos_onewire_read_bit(struct mgos_onewire *ow);

Read a single bit from the onewire bus. Returned value is true for 1, or false for 0.


uint8_t mgos_onewire_read(struct mgos_onewire *ow);

Read a byte from the onewire bus.


void mgos_onewire_read_bytes(struct mgos_onewire *ow, uint8_t *buf, int len);

Read len bytes from the onewire bus to the buffer buf.


void mgos_onewire_write_bit(struct mgos_onewire *ow, int bit);

Write a single bit to the onewire bus; given bit should be either 0 or 1.


void mgos_onewire_write(struct mgos_onewire *ow, const uint8_t data);

Write a byte to the onewire bus.


void mgos_onewire_write_bytes(struct mgos_onewire *ow, const uint8_t *buf,
                              int len);

Write len bytes to the onewire bus from buf.


void mgos_onewire_close(struct mgos_onewire *ow);

Close onewire instance and free the occupied memory.

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