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Mbufs are mutable/growing memory buffers, like C++ strings. Mbuf can append data to the end of a buffer or insert data into arbitrary position in the middle of a buffer. The buffer grows automatically when needed.


void mbuf_init(struct mbuf *, size_t initial_capacity);

Initialises an Mbuf. initial_capacity specifies the initial capacity of the mbuf.


void mbuf_free(struct mbuf *);

Frees the space allocated for the mbuffer and resets the mbuf structure.


size_t mbuf_append(struct mbuf *, const void *data, size_t data_size);

Appends data to the Mbuf.

Returns the number of bytes appended or 0 if out of memory.


size_t mbuf_append_and_free(struct mbuf *, void *data, size_t data_size);

Appends data to the Mbuf and frees it (data must be heap-allocated).

Returns the number of bytes appended or 0 if out of memory. data is freed irrespective of return value.


size_t mbuf_insert(struct mbuf *, size_t, const void *, size_t);

Inserts data at a specified offset in the Mbuf.

Existing data will be shifted forwards and the buffer will be grown if necessary. Returns the number of bytes inserted.


void mbuf_remove(struct mbuf *, size_t data_size);

Removes data_size bytes from the beginning of the buffer.


void mbuf_resize(struct mbuf *, size_t new_size);

Resizes an Mbuf.

If new_size is smaller than buffer's len, the resize is not performed.


void mbuf_move(struct mbuf *from, struct mbuf *to);

Moves the state from one mbuf to the other.


void mbuf_clear(struct mbuf *);

Removes all the data from mbuf (if any).


void mbuf_trim(struct mbuf *);

Shrinks an Mbuf by resizing its size to len.

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