Mongoose OS - an IoT firmware development framework

Powers commercial products since 2013
Trusted, field tested, proven performance
Open source under Apache 2.0 license
Commercial licensing & support available


Over 100 commercial products
Over 150,000 devices in the field
Over 1,600 GitHub stars

MCU support

STMicro: STM32 F4, L4, F7
TI: CC3200, CC3220
Espressif: ESP32, ESP8266

Advanced features

Reliable Over-The-Air update
Secure device provisioning
Remote management

Cloud integrations

AWS IoT, Google IoT
Microsoft Azure, IBM Watson
Private MQTT / REST backends

Our partners

AWS IoT integration

re:Invent 2016
IoT Build, Test, and Securely Scale
re:Invent 2016
IoT Security: The New Frontiers

Google IoT Core integration

Google I/O 2017: Overview
Google I/O 2017: Demo

Microsoft Azure integration

  • Mongoose OS is integrated with Microsoft Azure IoT.
  • This episode of 'Microsoft Developer: The IoT Show' demonstrates on how to update the firmware of devices running Mongoose OS over-the-air with The Azure IoT Hub Automatic Device Management.
Microsoft Developer: The IoT Show

Mongoose OS Licensing

Mongoose OS is open source and comes in two editions: Community and Enterprise. The differences are outlined in a table below:

Community Edition Enterprise Edition
License Apache 2.0 Commercial
Allows to close end-product source code Yes Yes
Source code & functionality Limited Full
Price Free Paid (see below)
Access to Commercial Support & Consultancy No Yes

Commercial License Options

Our license model is built around our customers and their specific needs. It is divided into two options:

Royalty based
Fixed price per sold unit, broken by the quantity ranges. Future Mongoose OS releases are covered permanently. Volume Pricing:
  • One-time $0.50 per unit, for the batch of 1,000 units.
  • Lower price per unit, for the higher volumes.
Fixed Fee per Product
Fixed fee per Product license is provided to Enterprise customers.
Price: Contact us.