Mongoose OS customers testimonials:
Mongoose OS is simple, incredibly powerful and a very viable solution for a large commercial product.
What attracted us to Mongoose OS was: the recommendation by AWS, the ease of implementation, the volume of libraries available, the engagement on forums both from Cesanta staff and the wider community.
All our core requirements were met by the Mongoose OS platform, among them: full encryption, easy and flexible configuration of individual devices, pre-built AWS IoT and SSL interfaces, secure firmware updates via OTA, access controls to prevent unauthorised settings changes / file access for deployed devices.
We take security very seriously and we went as far as getting the world experts at McAfee ATR in the USA to undertake rigorous vulnerability testing of the iParcelBox hardware and firmware and we passed with flying colours. The team at McAfee were also very complimentary about MongooseOS.
The support of Cesanta team and the wider community via the forums and chat – it’s an invaluable resource for developers who might be uncomfortable with making the leap to a new software tool.
With the help of Mongoose OS we were able to reduce the time between project start and the first stable release to just a couple of months, which helped us meet an important deadline and launch the product. We chose Mongoose OS as the basis of our firmware architecture because it is feature-rich, stable and easy to develop on. We evaluated other RTOS options but found that Mongoose OS was better optimized for the ESP32 microcontroller than the other. Looking back, we're confident Mongoose OS was the right choice as the basis of our product's firmware. It includes features that might seem very obvious today, like offering over-the-air (OTA) updates to customers, but that we found were lacking from ESP32 SDK and were poorly implemented in other alternatives we have considered. Since our large-scale production started, we've deployed Mongoose OS to thousands of devices in our fleet. The software has proven to be stable and gets the job done. A bunch of features, such as OTA and AWS Shadow, saved us a lot of custom development along the way. We frequently audit our software stack and follow market developments, but from our point of view there are very few alternatives that can actually offer the same solution as Mongoose OS.”
The experience using the Mongoose OS on the ESP8266 for BISSELL Homecare Inc. connected products has been positive. Very responsive expert-level support through the open forum: a true credit to the team and a reason to stick with Mongoose OS.
Many of the features Mongoose OS provides can be strung together via other solutions: RTOS + FS + IP Stack + MBedTLS + HTTP Client/Server + DHCP Server, but Mongoose OS ties this (many of the features and functionality) together easily and has something that works out of the box. This provides significant value, from a programming model, when dealing with multiple boards from different vendors (to commonize the overall feel).
Mongoose OS provides most of the required features, like communication to IoT Clouds out of the box. There was no need to think about device configuration, Over-The-Air firmware updates and remote procedure calls. Plus we are still free to use other hardware or IoT backend in the future. The first step to get a simple prototype online was done within a few days. Mongoose OS provides most of the essential features on the device side, in contrast to off-the-shelf IoT systems that showed a very bad cost-value ratios. The openness to various IoT backend systems, from Microsoft Azure to IBM Watson is amazing. It would be very difficult to find an alternative to Mongoose OS with these features already integrated.
Mongoose OS is stable, the OTA functionality ensures that we can continue to improve both performance and stability with our own updates as well Mongoose OS upgrades. In fact we would feel frustrated, if couldn’t use Mongoose OS anymore. There is a lot of R&D done on this platform. Mongoose OS is a good choice because of its compatibility with affordable WiFi solutions, its useful libraries manipulating and interpreting strings and JSON (common languages of Internet APIs), and most importantly, its rich OTA functionality. Finding all of these in one package was a godsend.
Our experience with Mongoose OS has been great! It’s an excellent platform for quick and efficient embedded development, and we were able to start our firmware design within minutes of the arrival of our ESP-32 development kit. The workflow environment is simple and very effective; hardly any setup and configuration is required. The embedded tool set is complete - from prototype development to field upgrade to third party integration– it’s all here. Everything has been thought of.
If you want to get your product to market faster, I recommend using Mongoose OS for its mature libraries and modern IoT feature set.
We were able to quickly build out a small working OS and were impressed with how quickly we could focus on our features rather than working on core OS fundamentals. We were able to largely import our legacy code into the Mongoose OS saving us a lot of time and saving us from starting from scratch. We needed an operating system for the ESP32 microcontroller that was mature and had features that we could not develop ourselves: OTA, WIFI, BLE and PPPOS. We have very limited resources so having the confidence to quickly develop, test and deploy features is critical to our success.
If we were not able to use Mongoose OS anymore, we would be left in the dust by our competitors. The amount of time it would take us to bring up the same system with our own development would inhibit us from releasing new products any time soon.
Implementing Mongoose OS was extremely easy. It was as simple as adding the libraries and using their "mos" software to build everything.
We were finally able to have a handle on some of our development timelines. It was very easy for us to make decisions about what to add and what to keep out of the product, as we knew it would only take mere days to develop something new. Sometimes only hours. Mongoose OS made it easy to get past the connectivity portion and the AWS integration, so we could focus on the user experience.

Mongoose OS is available for many microcontrollers, easy to use, provides tight integration with the principal cloud services providers. The integration process is easy since they have a lot of well documented examples, a good community and forums. It has enabled us to have a fast time to market, easy cloud integration and at the same time to have a secure and reliable product.
We chose Mongoose OS because it is the most appropriate software platform for Espressif's ESP8266 and AWS IoT. It is very impressive to have all the necessary elements for development through the MOS tool. If we developed the same software with Espressif's SDK or Arduino, it would have taken a very long time.
We have brought devices from zero to a working Firmware in a couple of days. That wouldn't be possible without Mongoose OS. We are now used to having all the goodies Mongoose OS provides: critical housekeeping features, utilities, networking protocols.
Mongoose OS provides the holy grail of development options in which it gives us the performance and speed to be deeply integrated with the hardware, while providing ease of use and the flexibility of a high level programming language. We needed a partner that would respect the difficulties in developing hardware while providing high level software development - Mongoose OS is a rare find.
Mongoose OS is available for many microcontrollers, easy to use, provides tight integration with the principal cloud services providers. The integration process is easy since they have a lot of well documented examples, a good community and forums. It has enabled us to have a fast time to market, easy cloud integration and at the same time to have a secure and reliable product.
Cesanta team have done a good work. Getting Mongoose OS running on ESP took like minutes not hours: I literally recall handing ESP to our developer, fetching cup of coffee, coming back and he had a first demo running.
We looked for a sustainable IoT solution that would allow us to grow and expand upon. There simply wasn’t a solution until we found Mongoose OS. It has all the necessary functionality for right now and future expansion.
Working with Mongoose OS was very smooth. We are not experts in implementing network functionality. They are. And they exceeded our expectations for both latency and bandwidth. The team is professional, fast to respond to questions and most importantly they made a real effort to understand our own complexities before presenting the right solution. Another vital plus for Mongoose OS, it’s open source and we are able to make changes to the project, which we couldn’t do with a closed source solution.