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This library provides SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) support for Mongoose OS.


struct mgos_spi *mgos_spi_create(const struct mgos_config_spi *cfg);

Initialize SPI master.


bool mgos_spi_configure(struct mgos_spi *spi,
                        const struct mgos_config_spi *cfg);

(Re)configure existing SPI interface.


bool mgos_spi_run_txn(struct mgos_spi *spi, bool full_duplex,
                      const struct mgos_spi_txn *txn);

Execute a half-duplex transaction. See struct mgos_spi_txn for the details on transaction params.


void mgos_spi_close(struct mgos_spi *spi);

Close SPI handle.


struct mgos_spi *mgos_spi_get_global(void);

Return global SPI bus handle which is configured via sysconfig.




Get SPI bus handle. Return value: opaque pointer.


SPI.runTransaction(spi, param)

Run SPI transaction, which might be a half-duplex or a full-duplex one.

Half-duplex transaction includes one or more of the following:

  • Writing data,
  • Waiting for dummy bytes,
  • Reading data.

Full-duplex transaction performs writing and reading at the same time.

Whether the transaction is half-duplex or full-duplex is determined by given params: if "fd" property is set, it's a full-duplex transaction; otherwise "hd" property should be set (see details below).

spi is an SPI instance, e.g. the one returned by SPI.get(). param is an object with the following parameters:

  // Which CS line to use, 0, 1 or 2. use -1 to not assert any CS
  // during transaction, it is assumed to be done externally.
  // Note: this is not a GPIO number, mapping from cs to GPIO is set in
  // the device configuration.
  cs: 0,

  // Mode, 0-3. This controls clock phase and polarity.
  mode: 0,

  // Clock frequency to use. 0 means don't change.
  freq: 2000000,

  // Half-duplex transaction parameters
  hd: {
    // A string with data to transmit. If undefined, no data is transmitted.
    tx_data: "foobar",

    // Number of dummy bytes to wait for. If undefined, 0 is assumed.
    dummy_len: 1,

    // Number of bytes to read.
    rx_len: 3,

  // Full-duplex transaction parameters
  fd: {
    // A string with data to transmit. Equal number of bytes will be read.
    tx_data: "foo",

Return value: a string with the data read (an empty string if no read was requested), or false in case of an error.

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