Devices and appliances powered by Mongoose OS

Mongoose OS is integrated and powers many types of devices and appliances globally.
These devices are used on the daily basis by numerous consumers and businesses. Some of them are listed below:
Wet-dry vacuum cleaner BISSELL
Laundry machine Schulthess Maschinen AG
Portable power station Goal Zero
Smart Parcel Box iParcelBox
WiFi-operated Gas sensor Tera
Printing solution for restaurants Eatabit
Vitamin Mixer & Dispenser Lifeboost Inc.
Smart Light Bulb Tera Communications SA
Smart Curtains Slide
Multi-brand car scanner Quantex GmbH
WiFi Smart Light Switch eZEX Corp
Multi Food Processor
WiFi Smart Plug Tera
Garage Door Opener
Herbal infusion appliance Levooil
WiFi Smoke detector Tera
Home security camera Tera
Humidity & Temperature detector Tera
Smart barcode & voice recognition
WiFi Smart Light Bulb
Smart hot water controller
Room sensor & IR remote controller Tera
WiFi Quad Relay Switch Tera
WiFi Smart Plug Tera
Smart vertical farming ecosystem
Robotic whiteboard
Smart EcoGarden
RGBW Controller Tera
WiFi Smart Light Bulb Tera
WiFi Relay Switch Tera
Digital Money Box
Door/Window sensor Tera
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