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mongoose-os-libs/vfs-fs-spiffs mgos_vfs_fs_spiffs.h    


bool mgos_vfs_fs_spiffs_probe(struct mgos_vfs_dev *dev);

Returns true if the device contains a SPIFFS filesystem.


bool mgos_vfs_fs_spiffs_enc_name(const char *name, char *enc_name,
                                 size_t enc_name_size);
bool mgos_vfs_fs_spiffs_dec_name(const char *enc_name, char *name,
                                 size_t name_size);

Name encrypotion/decryption routines. Source and destination can be the same, both must be at least SPIFFS_OBJ_NAME_LEN bytes long. Outputs are guaranteed to be NUL-terminated.


bool mgos_vfs_fs_spiffs_encrypt_block(spiffs_obj_id obj_id, uint32_t offset,
                                      void *data, uint32_t len);
bool mgos_vfs_fs_spiffs_decrypt_block(spiffs_obj_id obj_id, uint32_t offset,
                                      void *data, uint32_t len);

Functions that must be provided by the platform

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