Device Management Dashboard

Mongoose OS provides an integrated service for device management called mDash. It is located at , and provides the following functionality:

  • 24/7 access and monitoring for your devices in the field
  • Full isolation. Other users cannot see traffic from your devices and cannot access them
  • OTA updates, on-the-fly file editing, config editing, shadow editing, calling any device function like Sys.Reboot, Sys.GetInfo, GPIO.Toggle, etc
  • RESTful API and Web UI that provide:
    • Online/offline status together with device metadata like firmware version, build time, device architecture
    • Full access to the devices' RPC services (remote management)
    • Reliable OTA updates with manual or automatic commit
    • Device twin (or, shadow) cloud object, semantically identical to AWS / Azure
  • Notification stream that lets you catch state changes, implement custom logging, etc
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