REST API Reference

Every API call must be authenticated by sending Authorization: Bearer KEY HTTP header. Those API calls that use POST or PUT, should specify application/json mime type. Example - calling device's RPC function:

curl -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -H 'Authorization: Bearer API_KEY' \
  -d '{"pin": 2}' \

GET /devices

List all registered devices. Params: none.

POST /devices

Register new device. Params: none.

POST /devices/:id

Change device properties. Params:

  "name": "MyCoolDeviceName",
  "shared_with": "github_user1,github_user2",
  "shadow": ...

Any key in the params is optional.

DELETE /devices/:id

Delete device. Params: none.

POST /devices/:id/rpc/:func

Call device's RPC function. Params: any valid JSON string, which is expected by the function.

POST /devices/:id/ota

Perform device OTA. Params: a binary content of the firmware .zip file. Example: curl -v -F URL.

GET /devices/:id/data

Get device saved data. Params: none.

GET /keys

List all API keys. Params: none.

POST /keys

Create an API key. Params: none.

DELETE /keys/:id

Delete an API key. Params: none.

POST /logs

Get stored notification logs. Params: {"start": 0} - an offset to start from.

GET /devices/data

Get data from all devices. Params: none.

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