CCM-MOD and CCM-EVAL hardware modules are shipped with all functionality unrestricted. CCM-FIRMWARE is distributed in the software form, unlicensed, where some functionality is restricted. A device which is flashed with the CCM-FIRMWARE, can be licensed to "unlock" full functionality. The summary is below:

Functionality Unlicensed Licensed
Over-the-air update (OTA) OTA only from mDash OTA from anywhere
Cloud services supported Only mDash mDash, AWS, Azure, Google, Watson, private MQTT

Licensing process

  • Login to the Mongoose License Manager
  • Buy any number of licenses you need. IMPORTANT: choose "ccm" license type
  • If your device is connected to your workstation over USB, run:
    mos license
  • Or, if your device is accessible remotely, run:
    mos --port DEVICE_ADDRESS license

Licenses are bound to devices, and they are permanent.

The mos license command creates a unique license string specific for a device, and updates device.license configuration parameter, which "unlocks" the device and removes restrictions. The License Manager decreases the number of available licenses and saves a unique license string. The next time mos license is run for the same device, an old license string is returned by the License Manager but the number of available licenses is not decreased. Thus a device, once licensed, is licensed permanently.

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