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Mongoose OS is a firmware development framework for microcontrollers.

Mongoose OS was created for developers who work on commercial connected products, and care about things like manageability, security, and reliability. 80-90% of the commercial firmware is around infrastructure, which is the same for many products regardless of what they do. Mongoose OS provides such a reliable, field-tested infrastructure.

Quick Summary

  • Designed for commercial products
  • Reliable OTA
  • Support for major cloud services: AWS IoT, Microsoft Azure, Google IoT Core, IBM Watson, Samsung Artik
  • Support for generic in-house MQTT, RESTful, Websocket servers
  • Networking core is based on the mature Mongoose Networking Library
  • RPC infrastructure for remote management:
    • JSON-RPC 2.0 framing
    • transports: MQTT, UART, BLE, REST, Websocket
    • many built-in services like Config, FS, GPIO, I2C, GATTC, Wifi, etc
  • Configuration infrastructure with "reset to factory defaults"
  • Advanced security features
    • ECC508A crypto element support
    • TLS 1.2 based on the ARM mbedTLS
    • low footprint tuning of the TLS stack
  • Modular: small core and over a hundred libraries
  • Commercial friendly Apache 2.0 license

Smart Light IoT product reference

We have published an end-to-end IoT product reference, It could be used as a baseline for your own commercial product! See usage guide video:

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