AWS re:Invent 2017: "Building an AWS IoT-Enabled Drink Dispenser" workshop with Mongoose OS

On November 27th 2017, as a part of AWS re:Invent 2017, a "Building an AWS IoT-Enabled Drink Dispenser" workshop was conducted by AWS Solution Architects »

Joint Google IoT Core and Mongoose OS online webinar

Mongoose OS and Google IoT Core are running a joint online webinar "Connecting Microcontrollers to Google Cloud with Mongoose OS" on the 11th of January 2018 »

Mongoose OS: Huzzah32 Featherwing App

This Huzzah32 Featherwing App is created by Pim Van Pelt and is a demonstration of the capabilities of Mongoose OS. It is build around two popular »

Mongoose OS adds Ethernet support for ESP32

Great news - Ethernet support for ESP32 has been added for Mongoose OS. ESP32 includes an Ethernet MAC and requires an external PHY, connected over RMII »

Mongoose OS: AWS IoT Smart Heater App

This Smart Heater App set the heater device to report current temperature, respond to the status requests and to the heater on/off command. Architecture The »

Mongoose OS: AWS IoT button App

This Internet Button App sends a notification to the cloud backend a performs an action when a button on the device is pressed. In this particular »

Mongoose OS: IoT Smart Pool Pump App

With this IoT Smart Pool Pump App created by Chiz Chikwendu you can remotely turn on/off and control the pool pump from anywhere. Project Design »