This Huzzah32 Featherwing App is created by Pim Van Pelt and is a demonstration of the capabilities of Mongoose OS.
It is build around two popular pieces of hardware, both available from Adafruit: Huzzah32 ESP32 Feather, 2.4" TFT/TouchScreen Featherwing.

Video demonstration:

There are two main components:

Screens - is an object that holds the widgets.
Widgets - is an object that describes a user interface element (an image, a button, or a system widget with specific implementation behaviour). Widgets include:

  • Time widget
  • Battery widget
  • WiFi widget
  • Network widget
  • Name widget

The TFT Featherwing features three components:

  • ILI9341 2.4" TFT screen driven by SPI
  • STMPE610 Resistive touchscreen driven by SPI
  • MicroSD storage device driven by SPI

The Huzzah32 plugs right into the TFT Featherwing for a compact device without the need for breadboards, dupont wires and the like. It's really a great platform to showcase the power of Mongoose OS.

The project was built with:

How to start with this App?

  • Install and start MOS tool
  • Switch to the Project page, find and import the 'huzzah32-featherwing' app, build and flash it:

More information and instructions on how to build this App can be found here:

Happy prototyping!

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