Mongoose OS adds Ethernet support for ESP32

Great news - Ethernet support for ESP32 has been added for Mongoose OS. ESP32 includes an Ethernet MAC and requires an external PHY, connected over RMII »

Mongoose OS + Google IoT + ESP32/ESP8266

The previous post described how to setup ESP32 or ESP8266 module with ATECC508A crypto chip to use Google IoT Core. This post describes similar setup, but »

Mongoose OS + Google IoT + ESP8266 + ATECC508A

This post describes how to setup ESP8266 module with ATECC508A crypto chip to use Google IoT Core. Please note, the process is manual at this moment. »

Mongoose OS installation procedure improvements

We have some good news to share with you! We are working hard on bringing a better developer experience to your door. As part of it »

New mos tool features: JS API autocompletions, RPC browser, terminal

As the development of Mongoose OS progresses, we are happy to announce new features in the mos tool. JS API autocompletions See documentation and available API »

Mongoose OS implements ESP32 flash encryption

ESP32 chip comes with built-in security features, one of which is a transparent SPI flash encryption (for details see Espressif's documentation). That feature is critical for »

Code snippets sharing with Mongoose OS

Mongoose OS is an operating system for low-power connected microcontrollers. It comes with the management tool mos which is a developer's swiss army knife. It can »