Great news - Ethernet support for ESP32 has been added for Mongoose OS.

ESP32 includes an Ethernet MAC and requires an external PHY,
connected over RMII interface. Two PHY models are currently supported:

  • Microchip LAN87x0 (LAN8710 supports both MII and RMII,
    LAN8720 is RMII only).
  • TI TLK110 (PHY model selection is a compile-time option and is set here).

Here is a detailed article on how to connect a PHY yourself, but it is much easier to buy a dev board which already has one, for example Olimex ESP32-EVB:

Once wired, mos config-set eth.enable=true to enable Ethernet. If you're building your own app, make sure to include ethernet library in your mos.yml:

  - origin:

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