With this IoT Doorbell App created by Steve Kasuya you can connect to AWS IoT or your favourite MQTT service and ring the bell anytime a button is pressed.

Project Design

This is the default Mongoose OS app + modified init.js. It's for ringing an IoT bell over MQTT.
For the bell, you can make one with a cheap reception bell and a 5V solenoid. Make sure you use a relay and a relay drive circuit and don't connect the solenoid directly to the GPIO pin. Change relayPin, topic, or bellNumber if necessary.

Check out the video of it in action on Twitter.

The project was built with:

  • Mongoose OS
  • Espressif ESP32 Development Board
  • Reception bell
  • 5V solenoid
  • AWS IoT

How to start with this App?

  • Install and start MOS tool
  • Switch to the Project page, find and import the 'door-bell' app, build and flash it:

More information on this App can be found here:

Happy prototyping!

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