Mongoose OS: Smart Microwave App with Amazon Alexa

This Smart Microwave App created by Steve Kasuya, controls a microwave via MQTT using Amazon Alexa. For the microwave, you can implement it with the photo »

Mongoose OS adds Ethernet support for ESP32

Great news - Ethernet support for ESP32 has been added for Mongoose OS. ESP32 includes an Ethernet MAC and requires an external PHY, connected over RMII »

Mongoose OS: AWS IoT Smart Heater App

This Smart Heater App set the heater device to report current temperature, respond to the status requests and to the heater on/off command. Architecture The »

Mongoose OS: AWS IoT button App

This Internet Button App sends a notification to the cloud backend a performs an action when a button on the device is pressed. In this particular »

Mongoose OS: AWS IoT - Neopixel and Thing Shadow with Android Companion App

This Neopixel App created by Austin Nelson allows for easy Neopixel control using AWS IoT and comes with an Android App. Project built with: Mongoose OS »

Mongoose OS: IoT Smart Pool Pump App

With this IoT Smart Pool Pump App created by Chiz Chikwendu you can remotely turn on/off and control the pool pump from anywhere. Project Design »

Bluetooth Support for ESP32

Overview Espressif's ESP32 is a rather unique chip: it supports both Bluetooth and WiFi. While WiFi support has been in Mongoose OS from day 1, we »