Mongoose OS, an open source Operating System for the Internet of Things, today announced support for Texas Instruments CC3220 microcontroller.

Mongoose OS already supports Texas Instruments CC3200 Wireless MCU and with the v.1.15 release, we are adding initial support for the newest addition to the series, the CC3220.

TI provides detailed description of the new chip, but in the nutshell, a major improvements to the chip have been made in the area of security, and, the most importantly for Mongoose OS, there is now an option with on-board flash of reasonable size - the CC3220SF.
One of the significant CC3200 limitations was fact that the 256 KB of RAM contained all the executable code as well as data. Because of it previously CC3200 could not fully support Mongoose OS with the mJS JavaScript interpreter.
Now at CC3220 that barrier has been lifted, and all that RAM is available for data and code can be stored and executed from the flash.
Just look at all that free RAM:

[Sep  4 15:43:10.621] 
[Sep  4 15:43:10.631] cc32xx_init          default 1.0 (20170903-153812/mos10@57c06827+)
[Sep  4 15:43:10.640] cc32xx_init          Mongoose OS 2017090315 (20170903-153812/mos10@57c06827+)
[Sep  4 15:43:10.647] cc32xx_init          RAM: 251604 total, 238060 free
[Sep  4 15:43:11.022] cc32xx_start_nwp     NWP v3.4.0.0 started, host driver v2.0.1.19
[Sep  4 15:43:11.030] mgos_vfs_dev_open    slfs_container ({"prefix": "spiffs.img.0"}) -> 20006224
[Sep  4 15:43:11.043] cc32xx_vfs_dev_slfs_ 20006224 spiffs.img.0.0 262144 0xfffffffffffffffe
[Sep  4 15:43:11.050] mgos_vfs_mount       Mount SPIFFS @ / (dev 20006224, opts ) -> 20006234
[Sep  4 15:43:12.944] mgos_vfs_mount       /: size 233681, used: 95631, free: 138050
[Sep  4 15:43:12.950] mgos_vfs_mount       Mount SLFS @ /slfs (dev 0, opts ) -> 20006694
[Sep  4 15:43:12.956] mgos_vfs_mount       /slfs: size 0, used: 0, free: 0
[Sep  4 15:43:14.698] mgos_init            Init done, RAM: 251604 total, 230816 free, 230800 min free

SPI flash size has also been bumped to 32Mb (4MB) by default, so default file system size can also be increased.

In fact, CC3220 has been propelled to the top of the pile as far as available resources are concerned.

So, get the SimpleLink CC3220SF LaunchPad Development Kit, download mos tool and try it yourself.

Note: as we mentioned before, CC3220 added a number of security-related features, such as secure key storage. With this release, Mongoose OS does not support all that functionality, but it will come later. For now, only the peripherals and features shared with CC3200 are supported. But stay tuned.

If you have any questions or comments, post to our forum, reach us via chat or send us a message.