Over-The-Air updates and remote management OTA firmware updates with rollback on failures
RPC infrastructure for the full remote control
Security Built in: flash encryption, crypto chip support ARM mbedTLS optimized for small memory footprint
Device management dashboard service A device management dashboard for tracking your fleet. On-prem option is available
Supported hardware architectures Microcontrollers: CC3220, CC3200
Recommended dev kits: TI CC3220 Kit for Google IoT Core
IoT cloud integration Built in support for: Google IoT Core
Turn key solutions Ready to go enterprise solutions, apps and libraries
Professional services: firmware customisation, reference design implementation and support
Prototyping and scripting engine Prototyping: mJS JavaScript engine
Production: C/C++
Pricing GPLv2 license (requires to open end product’s source code): Free
Commercial License (removes GPLv2 restrictions): Contact Us

TI CC3220 starter kit is recommended by Google Cloud IoT Core and provides a quick way to start IoT development on TI microcontrollers. This quick start guide and reference materials include the following:

  1. Mongoose OS
  2. SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3220SF Wireless Microcontroller LaunchPad Development Kit - by Texas Instruments
  3. Google Cloud IoT Core - fully managed IoT cloud service