Support and Integration Services

Cesanta operates on a professional open-source business model based on open code, development within a community and subscription-based customer support. We sell subscriptions for the Technical Support, Integration and Consultancy services that help customers in developing and launching their connected products.

Commercial Technical Support

Customers pay one set price for access to our commercial support.

Professional subscription:
Enterprise subscription:

Integration Services

Full Integration
Reference design implementation

Integration services are project based, with clear timeline, pricing and agreed deliverables. To estimate on your custom firmware development timeline and provide you a quote we would require to receive a technical specification outlining your requirements to firmware.

Consultancy Services

We provide Consultancy services for the type of questions regarding porting and integration of the Mongoose OS to the Customer’s environment and or development of the Customer’s product. These services are not included in the Commercial Technical Support and provided on a separate commercial basis. Consulting Services are defined as any assistance and consulting advice that has to do with interfacing the Mongoose OS to a hardware, drivers, configuration or any other third party components.