Dublin, April 18h, 2018 — Cesanta today announced release of Mongoose OS v2.1 supporting Microsoft Azure IoT Hub

Mongoose OS is an IoT Firmware Development Framework. It makes IoT development easy by shortening development time, lowering cost and minimising risks.

Starting from the version 2.1 Mongoose OS supports Microsoft Azure IoT Hub:

  • Easy onboarding (mos azure-iot-setup) and a library,
  • Cloud-to-Device and Device-to-Cloud messaging,
  • Device Twin support,
  • Direct Method invocation and RPC over Direct Method (including mos call support).

A quick video shows how to do an Internet button on ESP32, Microsoft Azure and Mongoose OS in 5 minutes:

More details on the release can be found here.

To contact: send us a message or ask on the developer forum.