We are pleased to release a most recent Case Study on Mongoose OS being integrated in the iParcelBox parcel delivery solution.

iParcelBox Ltd. is a United Kingdom based technology company passionate about secure and simple parcel delivery solutions.

Here is what Paul Needler a CEO at iParcelBox Ltd says about Mongoose OS:

"Mongoose OS is simple, incredibly powerful and a very viable solution for a large commercial product.
What attracted us to Mongoose OS was: the recommendation by AWS, the ease of implementation, the volume of libraries available, the engagement on forums both from Cesanta staff and the wider community.
All our core requirements were met by the Mongoose OS platform, among them: full encryption, easy and flexible configuration of individual devices, pre-built AWS IoT and SSL interfaces, secure firmware updates via OTA, access controls to prevent unauthorised settings changes / file access for deployed devices.
We take security very seriously and we went as far as getting the world experts at McAfee ATR in the USA to undertake rigorous vulnerability testing of the iParcelBox hardware and firmware and we passed with flying colours. The team at McAfee were also very complimentary about MongooseOS.
The support of Cesanta team and the wider community via the forums and chat – it’s an invaluable resource for developers who might be uncomfortable with making the leap to a new software tool."

Read a full iParcelBox Case Study here

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