Mongoose OS DevKItC starter kit is recommended on AWS IoT portal and provides a quick way to start IoT development on microcontrollers.
This quick start guide and reference materials include the following:

  1. Install AWS CLI command line utility
  2. Follow AWS CLI configuration guide to setup your AWS credentials
  3. Make sure that aws iot list-things command works without errors
  1. Connect the device to your computer with a micro-USB cable
  2. Follow installation instructions to install mos tool on your computer
  3. Start mos tool. A Web UI will appear, with the connection dialog
  4. Select "Serial Port" click Connect
  5. Choose "mos-esp32-latest" firmware, click Flash.
  6. Enter your WiFi credentials, click "Save"
  7. Click on "START PROTOTYPING". That should open the init.js file on your device
  8. Click on "Device Config" tab in mos Web UI. Fill in AWS parameters: select your region and AWS policy (use mos-default if in doubt) and click "Save".
Troubleshooting: post on Mongoose OS forum or talk on Mongoose OS chat.