UART gateway a bluetooth beacon gateway

connect any device to the Internet via UART

UART gateway connects any device to the Internet via UART. Everything that your device sends to the UART, the gateway forwards to the Internet server - for example, AWS IoT, or Azure, or your own private TCP / Websocket backend. Likewise, everything that is sent to the gateway, gateway forwards to the UART.

Cloud support AWS, Azure, Google, private MQTT, TCP, Websocket
Provisioning WiFi access point, BLE
Configuration Highly configurable: thresholds, intervals, etc
Security TLS1.2, flash encryption

UART gateway firmware
Pre-built firmware
Price 1: $4.20
100: $3.00
250: $2.60
1000: $1.80
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UART gateway module
Embedded module
Hardware WROOM32
Type WiFi
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UART gateway eval board
Evaluation board
Hardware ESP32-DEVKITC
Type WiFi
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UART gateway device
Ready to use
Hardware M5-Stack
Type WiFi, Cellular 2G
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(*) Cellular requires an extra GSM module