A cloud platform to OTA update, remotely manage

and monitor health of IoT devices

Mongoose OS, mDash, AWS, GCP, Azure, Watson

We make IoT development easy

Quick Start

Ready to go examples, starter kits, solutions and libraries. Code in C or JavaScript.

All-in-one solution

Integrated, robust and reliable: IoT Operating System, Management backend, mobile App

No vendor lock

Pick and move freely between microcontrollers of your choice: STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments, Espressif

Over-the-Air updates

Reliable OTA updates with rollback on failures, remote device access infrastructure

Secure by default

Built in flash encryption, crypto chip support, TLS optimized for small memory footprint

Data where you like it

Out of the box support for AWS IoT, Microsoft Azure IoT, IBM Watson IoT, Google IoT Core or other generic MQTT servers

Mongoose OS - an IoT firmware development framework

Powers commercial products since 2013
Trusted, field tested, proven performance
Open source under Apache 2.0 license
Commercial licensing & support available
Mongoose OS Architecture: native SDK, ESP-IDF, drivers, peripherals


Over 100 commercial products
Over 200,000 devices in the field
Over 1,810 GitHub stars

MCU support

STMicro: STM32 F4, L4, F7
TI: CC3200, CC3220
Espressif: ESP32, ESP8266

Advanced features

Reliable Over-The-Air update
Secure device provisioning
Remote management

Cloud integrations

AWS IoT, Google IoT
Microsoft Azure, IBM Watson
Private MQTT / REST backends

Recommended by

AWS IoT Technology partner
Azure IoT
Google IoT Core partner
Certified by IBM Watson
Recommended by STMicroelectronics
Recommended by Texas Instruments
Recommended by Espressif Systems

mDash - an IoT device management service

24/7 access and monitoring for your devices in the field
Reliable, fail-safe OTA firmware updates
Web UI
Online/offline device status and metadata (firmware version, build time, etc)
Device twin
Device twin / shadow support, compatible with AWS IoT and Azure IoT
Get your device connected, sending data and remotely controllable in 15 minutes!