CCM cloud communication module

All major IoT services supported. Host MCU OTA update

CCM module provides secure IoT connectivity for any microcontroller-based product. Works with any MCU, starting from the smallest 8-bit AVRs down to powerful 32-bit STM32F7. If your Host MCU is STM32 or AVR, the CCM module can update your MCU over-the-air.

Ideal for: retrofitting devices to make them Internet-connected and updatable, implementing voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Home Assistant.

IoT Cloud AWS, Azure, Google IoT, Watson, mDash, private MQTT server
Connectivity WiFi, BLE, Ethernet
Provisioning WiFi Access Point, BLE
Host MCU update STM32, AVR
Security Flash encryption, TLS1.2 comms
DEMO: Arduino Uno + AWS device shadow
DEMO: Arduino Uno + Google Assistant
DEMO: Azure IoT, device twin
coming soon...
CCM-MOD embedded module
Hardware ESP-WROOM-32
Docs user guide
Price per unit, USD 1: $13.70
100: $11.90
250: $9.10
1000: $7.95
CCM-EVAL evaluation board
Hardware ESP32 DEVKIT-C
Docs user guide
Price per unit, USD $17.00