CCM cloud communication module

WiFi, Ethernet, Cellular. Host MCU OTA update

CCM module provides secure IoT connectivity for any microcontroller-based product. Works with any MCU, starting from a tiny 8-bit AVR up to a powerful 32-bit STM32F7. In addition to the cloud integration, the CCM module can update your device over-the-air. Networking is managed by the CCM, not Host MCU, therefore the integration is unintrusive.

Ideal for:
1) Retrofitting devices to make them Internet-connected and updatable,
2) Voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Home Assistant.

Ordinary module CCM
AWS, Azure, Google IoT No Yes
Device provisioning Not implemented Yes. WiFi AP, BLE
Networking logic on a Host MCU on CCM
Requires Host MCU change Almost certainly No
Host MCU OTA update No Yes
Emergency remote control No Yes

Host OTA

Update your Host via CCM
Use any framework - Keil, Arduino

Voice control

Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
Hassle-free integration

Cloud support

AWS, Google, Azure, IBM Watson
Private MQTT or RESTful server

Any framework/IDE

Develop Host firmware
Using tools familiar to you

Simple integration

No network programming required
Single-header drop-in client library


Write a function on your Host
Call it via a RESTful call

Device shadow/twin

AWS device shadow
Azure device twin

Client library

Host talks to the cloud via CCM
Cloud talks to Host via CCM
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