Dublin, December 10th, 2018 — Cesanta announces CCM to enable voice control for devices.

CCM (cloud communication module) is a technology that enables any electronic device (with a microcontroller inside) to be voice controlled via Google Home Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Apple HomePod.

A Cloud Communication Module (CCM) is a hardware module for connecting any host microcontroller to the Internet. It works with any ‘host’ MCU (embedded in existing electronic device/appliance), starting from the smallest 8-bit AVRs down to powerful 32-bit STM32F7.

CCM can provide cloud connectivity and OTA and voice control capability for any microcontroller-based product.

CCM is ideal for retrofitting devices or embedding into newly designed devices to make them Internet-connected and implementing voice control via Google Home Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Apple HomePod.

It significantly shortens and simplifies the development cycle for connected and voice controlled products, and allows to launch them to market in a short time and at a reasonable costs.

The video below is an example of CCM bringing a voice control capability for Arduino Uno via Google Assistant:

Please refer to CCM product page for more information.


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