Mongoose OS: Smoke Detector App

This Smoke Detector App is created by Matthias B. and allows you to attach a microcontroller to a generic smoke detector and send notifications over WiFi »

Mongoose OS: AWS IoT - Neopixel and Thing Shadow with Android Companion App

This Neopixel App created by Austin Nelson allows for easy Neopixel control using AWS IoT and comes with an Android App. Project built with: Mongoose OS »

Mongoose OS: IoT Smart Pool Pump App

With this IoT Smart Pool Pump App created by Chiz Chikwendu you can remotely turn on/off and control the pool pump from anywhere. Project Design »

Mongoose OS: IoT Doorbell App

With this IoT Doorbell App created by Steve Kasuya you can connect to AWS IoT or your favourite MQTT service and ring the bell anytime a »

Mongoose OS: IoT Door Sensor App

Ever wanted to have an IoT Door Sensor for any room to monitor it? With this IoT Door Sensor App created by Ben Rockwood you can »

Mongoose OS Applications & Libraries functionality launched!

We are pleased to announce the launch of Mongoose OS Applications & Libraries functionality. The Apps are generated by both Mongoose OS Team and Community. As »