Mongoose OS: AWS IoT - Neopixel and Thing Shadow with Android Companion App

This Neopixel App created by Austin Nelson allows for easy Neopixel control using AWS IoT and comes with an Android App.

Project built with:

  • Mongoose OS
  • Espressif's ESP32 or ESP8266
  • Neopixel
  • AWS IoT

How to start with this App?

  • Install and start MOS tool
  • Switch to the Project page, find and import the 'neopixel-aws-iot' app, build and flash it:
  • Set up Wi-Fi
  • Set up and Provision AWS IoT thing, Policy
  • Configure the Android App with AWS Keys
  • Connect Neopixels

More information with detailed instructions on this App can be found here:

Happy prototyping!

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