As far as we are aware, Mongoose Firmware is the only firmware for ESP8266 that can talk to the AWS IoT cloud - we have managed to make the secure two-way TLS connection working. Not only that, as a result of our collaboration with Microchip and AWS IoT teams, Mongoose-driven ESP8266 can now use ATECC508A crypto chip module for secure credential storage and TLS acceleration - see the demo delivered by our AWS & Microchip partners on the recent re:Invent conference in Vegas.

We have made a recording of the step-by-step instructions. In a nutshell, you can send low-level hardware peripheral commands over MQTT: you can control GPIO pins, get button click events, or write an arbitrary byte stream to I2C to control an LCD display. This can be extended to read/write access to SPI, UART, and so on. And now, an awesome AWS IoT can be utilized to perform rule-based actions to build a high-level services, like "open the door" on top of this low-level "send this byte sequence" API.

Enjoy the video!
Talk to us if you have any questions. In the next video, we are going to show you how to do the same - with the crypto chip!