Mongoose OS development roadmap

This roadmap highlights features and improvements planned for Mongoose OS. As we progress further, the list and priorities can change.

Our approach is iterative - we release fast and improve iteratively. Along the way, the biggest input comes from the feedback of our users and customers, via the Development Forum, Gitter Chat, Github Issues and Email contact form. Don't hesitate to contact us with your ideas and feedback!

Currently in development

  • Improving build infrastructure
  • Enhancing Device Management Dashboard
  • Improving CC3220 support
  • Improving ESP32 bluetooth support
  • High-precision hardware timer API
  • Enhancing DNS server and captive portal for easy device onboarding

Coming next

  • New platform: Microchip MCUs
  • Software UART flow control to stabilise serial comms
  • Ability to mount SD cards - a VFS driver
  • Deeper integration with AWS IoT and other AWS services
  • Deeper integration with Google IoT and other GCP services
  • Complete support for STM32
  • Power management (deep sleep) API


Q3-Q4 2017

  • Enhanced PWM API
  • New platform: TI CC3220
  • Enhanced ADC API
  • New libraries: cron, ota-aws-shadow, rpc-gatts, and others
  • Released BLE-WiFi gateway
  • Released device management dashboard beta

Q1-Q2 2017

  • Bluetooth support + provisioning on ESP32
  • Ethernet support on ESP32
  • Added granular library support
  • Arduino API support for Wire, OneWire, GPIO, SPI API
  • Ported Arduino drivers for DHT, BME280, GFX, SSD1306, DT
  • Added Google IoT Core integraion, became Google IoT launch partner
  • Got into Advanced AWS partner category
  • Published AWS IoT reference projects for Internet Button and Smart Heater

Q3-Q4 2016

  • Added AWS IoT integration, stroke AWS IoT partnership
  • Added Microchip ECC508A support to mbedTLS
  • Tuned mbedTLS to use 32k -> ~1k RAM per single connection
  • Introduced mJS JavaScript engine that gives the lowest RAM footprint
  • OTA support for CC3200
  • Initial ESP32 support
  • Added on-device configuration Web UI

Q1-Q2 2016

  • MQTT support
  • ESP8266 support: coredump backtrace, heap corruption analysis, bigger flash
  • Introduced JS code "freezing" concept that do not take RAM
  • LWIP: Adaptive TCP retransmit; faster networking in the face of packet loss

Q3-Q4 2015

  • Enhanced JS API
  • Enhanced SPIFFS support
  • Enhanced flashing management tool
  • Networking stack, memory footprint, JS function call API

Q1-Q2 2015

  • First public release
  • Designed RPC protocol
  • Initial support for ESP8266
  • Initial JS support