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This library provides IP over serial port. Encapsulation is PPP.


  "pppos": {
    "enable": false,                # Enable PPPoS
    "uart_no": 1,                   # Which UART to use.
    "baud_rate": 115200,            # Baud rate, data mode is 8-N-1.
    "fc_enable": false,             # Enable hardware CTS/RTS flow control
    "apn": "",                      # APN name
    "user": "",                     # User name
    "pass": "",                     # Password
    "connect_cmd": "ATDT*99***1#",  # AT command to send to initiate PPP data mode
    "echo_interval": 10,            # LCP Echo interval, seconds
    "echo_fails": 3,                # Number of failed echos before connection is declared dead are retried
    "hexdump_enable": false         # Dump all the data sent over UART to stderr

Default UART pin assignments are used and they can be found here.

Example configuration

Access Point Name, PPP username and password depend on the operator. They are usually public and can be found here.

Here's an example for Vodafone Ireland:

"pppos": {
  "enable": true,
  "uart_no": 1,
  "apn": "live.vodafone.ie",
  "user": "dublin",
  "pass": "dublin",

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