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This library provides Serial Peripheral Interface Bus (SPI) hardware access interface.

C API Reference mgos_spi.h

#include "mgos_spi.h"

See on GitHub: mgos_spi.h, mgos_spi.c

struct mgos_spi *mgos_spi_create(const struct sys_config_spi *cfg);

Initialize SPI master

bool mgos_spi_configure(struct mgos_spi *spi, const struct sys_config_spi *cfg);

(Re)configure existing SPI interface.

struct mgos_spi_txn {
  /* Which CS line to use, 0, 1 or 2. use -1 to not assert any CS
   * during transaction, it is assumed to be done externally.
   * Note: this is not a GPIO number, mapping from cs to GPIO is set by
   * mgos_spi_configure. */
  int cs;
  /* Mode, 0-3. This controls clock phase and polarity. */
  int mode;
  /* Clock frequency to use. 0 means don't change. */
  int freq;
  union {
     * Half-duplex SPI transaction proceeds in phases: transmit, wait and
     * receive.
     *  - First, tx_len bytes from *tx_data are transmitted
     *  - Optionally, a number of dummy cycles are inserted (in multiples of 8)
     *  - Then rx_len bytes are received into *rx_data.
     * Either tx_len or rx_len can be 0, in which case corresponding pointer can
     * be
     * NULL too.
    struct {
      /* Data to transmit, number of bytes and buffer pointer. Can be 0 and
       * NULL. */
      size_t tx_len;
      const void *tx_data;
      /* Insert the specified number of dummy bytes (multiples of 8 cycles). */
      size_t dummy_len;
      /* Number of bytes and destination buffer for the data. Can be 0 and NULL.
      size_t rx_len;
      void *rx_data;
    } hd;
     * In a full-duplex SPI transaction data is sent and received at the same
     * time:
     * for every byte sent from *tx_data a byte is stored into *rx_data.
     * Passing the same pointer for tx_data nd rx_data is ok.
     * rx_data may also be NULL, in which case this effectively becomes a simple
     * tx-only transaction.
    struct {
      size_t len;
      const void *tx_data;
      void *rx_data;
    } fd;

bool mgos_spi_run_txn(struct mgos_spi *spi, bool full_duplex,
                      const struct mgos_spi_txn *txn);

Execute a half-duplex transaction.

void mgos_spi_close(struct mgos_spi *spi);

bool mgos_spi_init(void);

struct mgos_spi *mgos_spi_get_global(void);