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NeoPixel LED strips

This library provides support for Adafruit Neopixel LED strips. See example usage video:

JAVASCRIPT API Reference api_neopixel.js


See on GitHub: api_neopixel.js

NeoPixel.create(pin, numPixels, order)

Create and return a NeoPixel strip object. Example:

let pin = 5, numPixels = 16, colorOrder = NeoPixel.GRB;
let strip = NeoPixel.create(pin, numPixels, colorOrder);
strip.setPixel(0 / pixel /, 12, 34, 56);;

strip.setPixel(1 / pixel /, 12, 34, 56);;

strip.setPixel(i, r, g, b)

Set i-th's pixel's RGB value. Note that this only affects in-memory value of the pixel.


Clear in-memory values of the pixels.

Output values of the pixels.