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Device-level API

C API Reference mgos_hal.h

#include "mgos_hal.h"

See on GitHub: mgos_hal.h

These interfaces need to be implemented for each hardware platform.

size_t mgos_get_heap_size(void);

Get system memory size.

size_t mgos_get_free_heap_size(void);

Get system free memory.

size_t mgos_get_min_free_heap_size(void);

Get minimal watermark of the system free memory.

size_t mgos_get_fs_memory_usage(void);

Get filesystem memory usage

size_t mgos_get_fs_size(void);

Get filesystem size.

size_t mgos_get_free_fs_size(void);

Get filesystem free space.

void mgos_fs_gc(void);

void mgos_wdt_feed(void);

Feed watchdog

void mgos_wdt_set_timeout(int secs);

Set watchdog timeout

void mgos_wdt_enable(void);

Enable watchdog

void mgos_wdt_disable(void);

Disable watchdog

void mgos_system_restart(int exit_code);

Restart system

void mgos_msleep(uint32_t secs);

Delay routines

void mgos_usleep(uint32_t usecs);

extern void (*mgos_nsleep100)(uint32_t n);

void mgos_ints_disable(void);

void mgos_ints_enable(void);

typedef void (*mgos_cb_t)(void *arg);

Invoke a callback in the main MGOS event loop. Returns true if the callback has been scheduled for execution.

bool mgos_invoke_cb(mgos_cb_t cb, void *arg, bool from_isr);

void mgos_lock(void);

void mgos_unlock(void);

struct mgos_rlock_type *mgos_new_rlock(void);

void mgos_rlock(struct mgos_rlock_type *l);

void mgos_runlock(struct mgos_rlock_type *l);

uint32_t mgos_get_cpu_freq(void);

Get the CPU frequency in Hz

JAVASCRIPT API Reference api_sys.js


Sys.calloc(nmemb, size)

Allocate a memory region. Note: currently memory allocated this way must be explicitly released with free().


Return total available RAM in bytes.


Return free available RAM in bytes.


Reboot the system after us microseconds. Return value: none.


Return number of seconds since last reboot.


Sleep given number of microseconds. Return value: none.


Feed the watchdog timer. Return value: none.