Google IoT Core integration for Mongoose OS

This library implements integration of Mongoose OS with Google IoT Core.

Setup cloud side

Install gcloud command line tool

Install beta components:

gcloud components install beta

Authenticate with Google Cloud:

gcloud auth login

Create cloud project - choose your unique project name:

gcloud projects create YOUR_PROJECT_NAME

Add permissions for IoT Core:

gcloud projects add-iam-policy-binding YOUR_PROJECT_NAME --role=roles/pubsub.publisher

Set default values for gcloud:

gcloud config set project YOUR_PROJECT_NAME

Create PubSub topic for device data:

gcloud beta pubsub topics create iot-topic

Create PubSub subscription for device data:

gcloud beta pubsub subscriptions create --topic iot-topic iot-subscription

Create device registry:

gcloud beta iot registries create iot-registry --region europe-west1 --event-pubsub-topic=iot-topic

Setup device side

Setup WiFi:


Register device on Google IoT Core. If a device is already registered, this command deletes it, then registers again. To get your project ID, in the GCP console click on the project name in the blue bar at the top to get the list of your projects, the second column has the project ID.

mos gcp-iot-setup --gcp-project YOUR_PROJECT_ID --gcp-region europe-west1 --gcp-registry iot-registry


Run mos ui to enter Web UI. Specify your device address (serial port) to connect to your device and reboot it. You should see the following messages:

mgos_gcp_init        GCP client for my-project/us-central1/my-registry/my-es256-device, EC key in ec_private.pem
mgos_mqtt_ev         MQTT Connect (1)
mgos_mqtt_ev         MQTT CONNACK 0
mgos_mqtt_ev         Subscribing to 'my-es256-device/rpc'
mgos_mqtt_ev         Subscribing to 'my-es256-device/rpc/#'

Default firmware publishes an MQTT message whenever the "Flash" button is pressed:

Published: yes topic: /devices/my-es256-device/events message: {"free_ram":30080,"total_ram":51912}

Using ATECC508A crypto chip

See on how to use ATECC508A crypto chip with Mongoose OS and Google IoT Core.