AWS IoT support for Mongoose OS

This library implements integration of Mongoose OS with AWS IoT.

It provides device shadow API in both C/C++ and JavaScript, allowing developers to quickly prototype the device logic in JS before jumping to the C/C++ implementation.

Setup cloud side

Setup side

  • Connect the device to your computer with a micro-USB cable
  • Follow installation instructions to install mos tool on your computer
  • Start mos tool. A Web UI will appear, with the connection dialog
  • Select "Serial Port", click Connect
  • Choose "mos-PLATFORM-latest" firmware, click Flash
  • Enter your WiFi credentials, click "Save"
  • Close the device setup dialog
  • Click on configuration tab in mos Web UI, fill in AWS parameters and click "Save".

Take a look at the example video that shows how to implement Internet button functionality in less than 2 minutes:

mos aws-iot-setup command performs the certificate management for you, and onboard your device on AWS IoT cloud. If your device has an Atmel ECC508A secure element attached, then Mongoose Firmware will use ECC508A chip for TLS handshake and keep your credentials secure.

How to use this library

In your Mongoose OS app, edit mos.yml file and add a reference to this library. See an demo-c app that does that.

Remote management via AWS IoT

If you're using Bash shell, you can use this alias to talk to your device interactively via AWS IoT:

alias mos1="mos --cert-file $(mos config-get mqtt.ssl_cert) --key-file $(mos config-get mqtt.ssl_key) --port mqtts://$(mos config-get mqtt.server)/$(mos config-get"
mos1 ls -l
init.js 330
index.html 250

For more in-depth explanation, see Secure remote device management with Mongoose OS blog post.

Device configuration

This library adds an aws configuration section to the device:

"aws": {
  "shadow": {
    "thing_name": ""

If aws.shadow.thing_name is left empty, then the provisioned device will use a, which is by default <architecture>_<mac_address>. For example, a newly provisioned ESP32 board might have esp32_C513DA thing name.

Other examples

AWS device shadow tutorial